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About Project

At Moore Authentics, we bring basic green hobby classes to Kuala Lumpur. It is also a nature-inspired cafe where we showcase our in-house products. Himpun EcoCultural Hub presents Moore Authentics’ unique offerings on a bigger scale. A green hub with 15 tenants featuring local crafts, F&B venues, 4 environmental NGOs, and 2 cultural NGOs. Himpun EcoCultural Hub will also offer 15 green hobby classes to the public.

The Problem

1. Kuala Lumpur does not have an ecocultural hub where different bodies from different expertise can unite and address issues in the city.

2. Most existing education hubs don't promote its classes directly to the general public.

3. KL's general youth and public are not involved in making KL a better place.

Areas of Focus

Improvement to Environment
Economic Development
Arts, Heritage and Culture
Community Resiliency

Project’s Solutions

The Hub will function as a central point for NGOs, bodies, and communities to collaborate and solve issues
The Hub will act as a gateway to trigger excitement for the public to learn more about the environment, cultural performances, and cultural heritage. This will lead students to a variety of professionals and experts to develop that interest further
KL's youth and general public don't have opportunities to make the city a better place. That's where our volunteer and internship programs come in. Together with our NGO partners, volunteers can get involved around KL and play a part in creating a better environment for all in KL

Project Execution

• Cleaning and clearing of the land

October – November:
• Construction of tenant/NGO/classroom lots
• Construction of seating areas for customer dine-in

December – January
• Developing syllabus, classes and educators
• Ensure readiness of event space for weekly markets

• Tentative launch
• Sustainability and volunteering efforts begin

Impact on Downtown KL

First ecocultural hub that also caters to F&B and local products
First hub to combine environmental and cultural education as well as its products
First hub to connect all the other educational NGOs and platforms
Volunteerism and programs to tackle environmental and cultural/heritage issues in KL
First hub to focus on waste management, renewal energy and urban farming

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Himpun EcoCultural hub

by Moore Authentics

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20 September 2023

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Himpun EcoCultural hub
By Moore Authentics
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