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About Project

IncluCity by NakSeni is an inclusive crowdsourced map for accessible and safe venues & spaces. With over 10 years of experience in the arts and events industry, social entrepreneurship, and advocacy for children and Persons with Disabilities (PWD). The founding team consists of Armani, Nurul and Miza who are passionate in advocating for accessibility and inclusivity in Malaysia. Through their past experiences of hosting workshops and events via NakSeni for the diverse PWD community, they realised the current limited information on accessibility available, which then led to the creation of IncluCity. By raising awareness amongst the public, increasing accessibility not only benefits the PWD community but also senior citizens, families with small children, and those who may have temporary or situational disabilities as well.

The Problem

1. Insufficient and inaccurate information on venue accessibility
The target community finds it difficult to find verified information on accessibility which then discourages them from visiting most venues in downtown Kuala Lumpur.

2. Lack of exposure and awareness for business owners to include the target communities
Many businesses don't know how to accommodate people with disabilities and might not realise the importance of making their venues accessible. As a result, places can be hard to get into for some people, and they might not have suitable facilities. Because of this, it's tough for businesses to cater to these communities and offer them jobs.

Areas of Focus

Economic Development
Arts, Heritage and Culture
Community Resiliency

Project’s Solutions

Map of accessible venues & spaces
With IncluCity, users can easily get current info of how safe and accessible the venues are so they can travel independently with confidence
Accessibility ratings per venue listed
The rating system in our database helps businesses learn more about how to better accommodate for PWD
Resources list
- Provide access to educational articles and tools for the public.
- List PWD friendly businesses and partners to make it easier for people to find what they need.

Project Execution

Phase 1: Mapping
Building the platform
Populating data on the platform with currently accessible venues of DTKL
Strategic collaborations to grow user adoption

Phase 2:Customer Utilization
Awareness campaigns
Gig job opportunities for PWDs
More accessible venues

Phase 3:Scaling up
Sharing out resources
Selling activity packages and accessibility consultation
Charge for paid listings / ads

Impact on Downtown KL

Increased number of accessible and safe venues & spaces in Downtown KL resulting in more diverse visitors locally and internationally. This could be a result of gaining information and resources from IncluCity
Better infrastructure and accessibility to prepare us for our future selves and generations. This could be a result of IncluCity’s rating system and resources
Progressive mindset of the Downtown KL community can lead to more inclusive job opportunities. This could be a result of IncluCity’s partnerships and collaborations to create public awareness campaigns

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by NakSeni

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20 September 2023

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