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TRYKE Transportation is a Malaysian based shared mobility service that launched in 2019. Through it’s platform it provides cheap and convenient rental access to personal mobility devices ranging from electric scooters and electric bicycles to electric mopeds to solve various transportation needs.

TRYKE now operates across 7 locations in Malaysia and since re-launching it’s service after COVID lockdowns in 2021 it has served over 120,000 people more than 500,000 trips totalling a travel distance of roughly 4.8 million kilometers which has helped to reduce an estimated 300MT of CO2 emissions. 

However, while TRYKE’s mobility service helps thousands of people travel around Kuala Lumpur in a cheap, clean and convenient way, its data shows that movement within the city is shifting from “activity” based to heavily “necessity” based which has lower economic value.

Hence through this project, TRYKE aspires to develop a travel guide within its mobility platform to help visitors and residents of Kuala Lumpur experience all that the city has to offer, and help to spur economic activity and growth by reducing the pain and friction of wanting to discover and do more within Kuala Lumpur while leaving a small environmental impact.

The Problem

Activity Slowing Down
Internal data reveals that while necessity-driven commuter movement has increased by 100% since 2021, activity-based leisure movement has simultaneously decreased by 85% during the same time period. This indicates that individuals are primarily visiting Kuala Lumpur for work, school, or returning home, rather than for exploration, leisure, and embracing the city's vibrant atmosphere. This deceleration is also reflected in the traffic data, which has shown significant improvement since 2019. Congestion times have been reduced by 50%, resulting in less time spent in traffic.

Fragmented Sources of Information
Through interviews with residents from Klang Valley we have found that people are spending less time in the city mainly due to the lack of awareness and knowledge of all the activities and events which are available within the city. Discovering these activities are difficult as they are only found on specific instagram accounts, tiktok videos, or through word of mouth. Deciding on which activity to participate is equally challenging as information about transportation options, venue information, reviews and comments are fragmented across multiple sources such as websites, blogs, and google searches.

Traffic Congestion
Finally, wanting to Do the activities requires even more effort as the journey into Kuala Lumpur city requires pre-planning on public transit options or patience to deal with the traffic congestion during peak hours (which are still bad though it is improving), creating friction in people’s mindset that wanting to spend any time in Kuala Lumpur is a chore.

Areas of Focus

Improvement to Environment
Economic Development
Arts, Heritage and Culture

Project’s Solutions

Comprehensive Travel Guide
This guide will present an easily navigable and searchable directory of Kuala Lumpur's diverse activities, prominently displayed on our interactive map. By undertaking the task of sourcing, compiling, and centralizing vital information pertaining to all available activities, we aim to simplify the process for users. Users can effortlessly access crucial details including venue locations, operational timings, costs, descriptions, booking avenues, reviews, images, videos, and more.
Efficient Journey Planner
Users to seamlessly chart their journeys across the city via our existing mobility service. By facilitating convenient access to personal mobility devices, users can efficiently traverse between activities with minimal expenses and maximum convenience.
Seamless Mobility Integration
Our solution will be exclusively integrated with our in-house shared mobility service, catering to intra-city transportation. Our ultimate product vision includes seamless integration with an array of third-party transportation options. This encompasses buses such as RapidKL, dynamic ridesharing systems like Asia Mobiliti's DRT (Demand-Responsive Transport), ride-hailing services, and more.

Project Execution

Phase 1 (2-3 months)
- Develop an MVP to rapidly launch to our existing 10,000 monthly active users
- Focus on events and activities within the KLCCD zone
- Goal to achieve 30 events and activities displayed per week
- Obtain feedback from users to improve and optimise experience
- Drive traffic which according to our data is currently heavily focused in the KLCC and Bukit Bintang area, towards the KL Creative Cultural District

Phase 2
- Upon successful completion of Phase 1, scale up solution by spending on marketing for customer acquisition
- Integration of 3rd party mobility services to provide users with more options for mobility
- Funnel visitors into Kuala Lumpur from outside the city
- Achieve 100,000 monthly active users making 2,500 weekly visits

Phase 3
- Built tools to allow venues and organizers to self-serve and upload activities and events
- Leverage monthly user traffic to generate organic interest by venues and organizers to upload their own activities and events
- Further improve available content within the travel guide and use data to optimize for user acquisition and retention
- Continue to develop growth loop

Impact on Downtown KL

Meaningful Economic Impact
Through our travel guide and mobility service we hope to eliminate the pain and friction of wanting to eat, play and explore the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur, and convince its 22 million annual visitors to spend just one additional day per year in the city, generating an additional RM6.6 billion of potential economic value.
Improving Traffic Congestion
By acquiring users into our platform through the travel guide, we hope to encourage adoption and normalize the use of personal mobility devices as a mode of transportation within the city. Each trip on a personal mobility device can save up to 90% of commuting time when traveling within the city during peak hours and when coupled with public transportation options, demand responsive transit systems, and ride hailing services, can also act as a transportation alternative to help reduce our dependence on motor vehicles and private vehicle ownership, potentially saving up to 15,000 hours per year of wasted time on traffic congestion.
Improve Air Quality
Along with the lower dependence on motor vehicles, especially for short distance trips within the city, we hope to also make a significant impact on improving the air quality in Kuala Lumpur and help to prevent an estimated 260MT of CO2e from transportation.

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20 September 2023

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