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Recycling Used Cooking Oil Collection Points

Arus Oil
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About Project

Arus Oil promotes responsible recycling practices of used cooking oil, where used cooking oil will be recycled into biodiesel to power industrial lorries and machines. By addressing the improper disposal of used cooking oil, our project will contribute to reducing drain-related problems, including flash floods and health risks in Downtown KL. Arus Oil offers businesses and households a convenient solution to recycle used cooking oil while earning cashback rewards. Through strategically placed collection points in Downtown KL, like Shell stations, the public can easily drop off their used cooking oil and receive incentives such as Shell Select vouchers. By educating the community on proper recycling methods, particularly individuals like “uncles” and “mak ciks”, this solution will benefit the environment and empower people to make a positive impact. This initiative will align economic incentives with environmental sustainability, promoting a cleaner and safer city for all.

The Problem

1. High cost of cleaning clogged drains
It costs DBKL RM2 million to clean drains in KL every week. The cost of cleaning a drain is estimated to be RM5 per meter.

2. Flash floods
If DBKL reduces the frequency of cleaning the clogged drains, flash floods may occur and eventually cause more significant damage to society

3. Leptospirosis & Dengue
Clogged drains are a good habitat for rats & mosquitoes. This can bring diseases to the communities such as Leptospirosis and Dengue.

Areas of Focus

Improvement to Environment
Economic Development

Project’s Solutions

Arus Oil
Arus Oil is an on-demand recycling platform for used cooking oil that enables households and businesses to recycle their used cooking oil conveniently. Our solution will provide a medium for the public to recycle used cooking oil correctly instead of disposing it in their sinks or drains
Setting up collection points in Downtown KL
Shell stations in Downtown KL can be used as a place where the public can drop off their used cooking oil conveniently
Hiring recycling ambassadors
Ambassadors will work on-ground in Downtown KL to educate food vendors about the correct methodology of recycling used cooking oil where they can earn money and save the environment at the same time

Project Execution

PILOT TEST: 6 months
Setting up collection points in places with a high demographic of B40 and F&B business owners along Jalan Barat Pudu, Chow Kit, Jalan Pahang, and Sentul areas. Number of collection points will be increased if financial allows.

Impact on Downtown KL

Reduce clogged drains phenomenon
Increase income of B40 through cashback from recycling
Increase awareness of circular economy and importance of reducing carbon

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Recycling Used Cooking Oil Collection Points

by Arus Oil

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20 September 2023

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Recycling Used Cooking Oil Collection Points
By Arus Oil
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