Enhancing Urban Accessibility

Urban Mobility-as-a-Service for Downtown KL

Asia Mobiliti Technologies
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About Project

Asia Mobiliti is an award-winning mobility-as-a-service and digital city solutions startup, founded and based in Greater Kuala Lumpur. We are digitising, connecting, and integrating all modes of transport available in a city in order to enable multimodal travel. Our proposal will see Downtown KL being Malaysia’s first mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) zone. We will be introducing a new service which will allow for on-demand public transport rides within Downtown KL, and integrate this on a journey planner that will allow anyone – a resident who lives here, an employee who works here, a commuter who travels through Downtown KL, and a visitor to easily discover all modes of transportation available, plan their journeys from A to B, and book rides on any one of the first & last-mile options available.

The Problem

1. Fragmented mobility and lack of first-&-last mile connectivity
The transport ecosystem in KL is highly fragmented with public transport, private transport, and shared rides services competing with each other rather than complementing. An unintegrated network creates inefficiencies for the commuter and higher costs for the transport service provider.

2. Streets congested with single occupancy private vehicles
Chronic traffic jams in KL as the city chokes with the high number of private vehicles, most of them single occupancy that enter and leave the city daily. Studies have shown that on average, Malaysians spend 44 hours a month stuck in traffic.

3. Low public transport modal share
Only 21% of all trips made in the city are fulfilled by public transport. This is a very low number if we intend for the city to be sustainable. A long way from the nation's target of 50% by 2040 as part of its Low Carbon Nation Aspiration 2040 plan.

Areas of Focus

Improvement to Environment
Economic Development
Community Resiliency

Project’s Solutions

An urban mobility-as-a-service experience delivered through a journey planner app that allows for the discovery of all modes of transport in Downtown KL - public transport, micromobility, walking and cycling paths, parking sites, and a new on-demand public transport service called Trek Rides
Trek Rides is a DRT (Demand-Responsive Transit) service providing on-demand rides in a transit van or a shuttle bus. Book a ride the same way you would for e-hailing, and the system provides a time for your pick-up and drop-off. The service works within a zone allowing riders to move about to and from more than 60 pick-up and drop-off locations in the Downtown KL zone, which includes LRT & MRT stations and all places of interest
The app will suggest mixed modes of transport to get from point A to point B within Downtown KL, e.g. Walk to the nearby stop for a DRT ride -> Ride to Petaling Street -> Transfer to an LRT -> Ride to Masjid Jamek -> Ride an escooter to your destination

Project Execution

Phase 1: Integration with 2 micromobility operators & mobilisation of DRT fleet
Phase 2: Journey planning app and DRT service goes live
Phase 3: Integration with other partners such as IncluCity for the mapping of places with access for persons with disabilities

Impact on Downtown KL

Reduction in private vehicle usage
More first & last-mile trips will lead to a reduction of private vehicles on the roads of Downtown KL, as trips that are currently being made with private vehicles will be displaced with DRT or micromobility
Greater public transport modal share
With an easier and reliable way to get to and from the LRT and MRT stations using DRT, more passengers will include the use of public transport in their daily travels. This will directly contribute towards increasing public transport modal share from the current 21%
Load balance peak hour traffic
With the ability to move about in Downtown KL without the need to drive, more people will choose to spend dinner or after-work activities within the city and delay their drive back later. The city needs to load balance peak hour traffic, and what better way to incentivise people to do so than providing a cheaper and fun way to move about the city

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Urban Mobility-as-a-Service for Downtown KL

by Asia Mobiliti Technologies

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20 September 2023

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Urban Mobility-as-a-Service for Downtown KL
By Asia Mobiliti Technologies
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