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Grand Line of KL

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About Project

My name is Sheyong, co-founder of getBiiB.com. Over the past 6 years, my dedicated team and I have been working tirelessly to bring together more than 100,000 people and assist over 900 communities in coming together to move and sweat as a unified force. Our goal? To promote both mental and physical well-being, all through the technology and challenges we designed.

Introducing the Grand Line of KL – a thoughtfully crafted jogging path right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It’s connected to the internet to keep you safe and make things fun. You can easily check in and out, time yourself, and make your run count for something bigger.

This path takes you by some of KL’s most famous spots, the River of Life, and it all ends at a special starting and finishing point near Pasar Seni. Plus, it’s super easy to get there with public transport, parking, a place to keep your stuff, and restrooms.

The Problem

Many people working in Downtown KL don't stay around after work for a few reasons:

1. The area lacks nighttime activities and economic/social opportunities.
2. Getting around is tough due to heavy traffic during peak hours.
3. Safety becomes a concern when there are fewer people on the streets at night.

Because of these factors, many people prefer to head home or leave the downtown area right after work, even if it means dealing with traffic congestion and spending hours commuting.

Areas of Focus

Improvement to Environment
Economic Development

Project’s Solutions

For those who enjoy an active lifestyle and don't need to rush home after work, we present the Grand Line of KL!
This initiative offers a safe, convenient, and enjoyable path for jogging, walking, and running activities after office hours, and it can easily expand.
Located strategically for easy access, people in the vicinity can walk or use the MRT/LRT to get there.
The designated starting and finishing arch also benefits the local economy, particularly the food and beverage industry, as it encourages post-workout dinners and social media sharing.

Project Execution

Phase 1: Confirm & Approve
- Gain support from stakeholders

Phase 2: Build & Setup
- Put everything in place

Phase 3: Test Route with Community
- Ensure safety through testing

Phase 4: Public Launch
- Organise community events like group runs/walks

Future Possibilities:
- Promote morning activities before work
- Host weekend or corporate events
- Design routes for the differently-abled (OKU) community
- Utilising the route for tourists

Impact on Downtown KL

In 3 years, our goal is to have 20,000 people using the route on a weekly basis
Transform 50,000 unproductive hours stuck in traffic into productive activities
Lead to an increase in human traffic, resulting in more business transactions, particularly in the food and beverage sector after sunset
Result in a combined burning of 8,000,000 calories on the route each week

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Grand Line of KL

by getBiiB.com

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20 September 2023

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Grand Line of KL
By getBiiB.com
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